Differences Between Personal Payday Loan, Leasing and Financing

Differences between Personal Payday loan, leasing and financing.

The types of credit “financing”, “Personal Payday loan” and “leasing” are popular in the financial market, but many people still have doubts about them or think they are the same thing.

So will explain in a very easy way what each of them means, because they have a difference between them.

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Personal Payday loan

The business of providing capital

It is a service by which a financial institution “lends” money for the client to use as he wishes, without a specific purpose. And in return, the customer pays interest for the service.

You can use the Personal Payday loan money for any purpose, for example:

  • pay off debts;
  • pay the credit card;
  • pay the overdraft;
  • renovate your home;
  • Invest in education;
  • check your car;
  • buy electronic gadgets;
  • buy home appliances;
  • marry;
  • travel;
  • make a special celebration.

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Similar to the Personal Payday loan with the difference that it has a specific purpose and needs the data of the good or the service financed to serve as guarantee for the institution. The most common are real estate and vehicles.

The business of providing capital

Financing is the process of providing funds for business activities, making purchases or investing. Financial institutions such as banks are in the business of providing capital to businesses, consumers, and investors to help them achieve their goals. The use of financing is vital in any economic system, as it allows companies to purchase products out of their immediate reach.



It is a contract by which the customer acquires the right to use a product and that, at the end of the contract, he may choose to renew the contract or buy the good or not. The most common leases are vehicle leases.

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