Month: May 2019


Borrowers will be easier to pay loans – Money for the house

The State Duma is planning to consider a number of bills that should help clients of banks and microfinance organizations cope with their debt obligations. We are talking about individuals using consumer lending services. Basically, the changes proposed in the projects will concern those borrowers who have difficulty in repaying the loan. Propose to consider […]


Ideas to ask for a purpose-free loan

A non-purpose loan is one of the most popular types of consumer credit. It’s not a coincidence, each of us may find ourselves in a situation where he has to pay or buy something, but he doesn’t have enough money. If the family and friends can’t borrow, we’ll turn to the bank or the non-bank […]


Compare credit for self employed

There are several criteria according to which an activity is considered self-employed: First of all, the self-employed person must not be dependent on a single employer. Three Clients are the minimum number in Germany, so that the employment relationship is recognized as independent. However, the turnover with a client may not exceed five-sixths of the total […]